Online courses to help you learn different ways to build webpages and sites (most of which are free)!

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WebpageHero is an Online course that helps you build websites for free! No more expensive marketing agencies charging thousands of dollars for a website. No more hosting companies charging hundreds of dollars per year to host your site. Design your site in any way you like and then get it on your domain name for free. This is 2020, we shouldn't need to pay money to build websites unless we have a huge site that's generating significant business income. If you need to start networking and building a simple basic site then you should be able to do that for free and I'll explain how.

  • Website 101
  • Understanding your options
  • Use the tools
  • Host your own
  • Advanced (Web Strategy)

About Steven Mautone

Steven Mautone has worked for companies such as BBC America, Showtime Networks, Royal Caribbean, Esurance, Wix.com, and American Express. WebpageHero.com allows him to bring his knowledge on building webpages to the masses. We shouldn't still be getting charged an arm and a leg for a website unless we develop significant traffic to that site. In these online lessons, Steven teaches how to build a beautiful and effective website for little or no cost.
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